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1.- If you can not see this application, please install JAVA (http://www.java.com/es/)

2.- Select the origin, you can do this in two ways:

A) In the source combo select the station you start your destiny, as well as to select your destination and click on Search destiny.

B) Place your mouse over the map, click the station which you begin your journey, you click on the station that's your destination and click on Search journey.


3.- On the right side of the screen shows:

5 possible routes to get to your destination.
It shows the travel time, the number of stations to go and transfers to be performed.

Description of the route.
Tells you the distance in meters to go, including stations and the line to which they belong.

4.- You can print your route giving 3 clicks.


- Travel times are approximate. - Take into account the busiest times. - It does not take into account the time of joining the station.


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